The System Doctor

Computer Repair Consultant

Computer Repair Consultant

The System Doctor has been repairing your computer systems for many years.


Our expertise is easy quick repair and return to customer, within a 24 to 48 hour time frame, if we cannot repair your computing troubles at your location. We also install "Hardware & Software".

The Doctor is in! Call us anytime at 323-683-7761 for a quick 1 hour "Computer Check Up". We come to you at home or office. The cost is the same. Call us and set up an appointment today. We serve the Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank CA and surrounding area's.

Got a virus? We have the antidote. Got spyware pop ups and worms? We got the secure counter protection for you. Our utilities will continually check your computers daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your computing and Internet needs. When "The Doc" leaves, a piece of the "System Doctor" is left behind for your continued protection. We service All "Laptops & Desktops".

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Computer Services

Home & Office Repair

  • We Kill All Virus Problems
  • Eradicate All Spyware Issues
  • Windows Keeps Rebooting & Won't Start Up. We Repair Your Registry!
  • Pop Ups Are Destroyed
  • We Back Up, Rebuild and Restore Your Data & Windows Systems Like New, (Win 7 Ultimate and Windows 8. We're Experts!

Call Us, For A Check Up. We'll Come To You!