The System Doctor

Computer Repair Consultant

The Doc's Skills Summary

Here is a list of expert services we perform on your computers.

Virus Extraction Consulting Service

We use several High Reliability Utilities to clean your computer systems, making them free of damage causing Virus activity.

  • We Save Your Data!!
  • Spyware Cleaning
  • Pop Up Killers
  • Worm Dissolvers
  • Trojan Killers
  • Clear Internet Browsing Hijackers
  • Clean Up Registry Problems
  • Virus Caused Windows To Be Unstable Fix

Computer OS, System Restoration

We are expert computer system rebuilders. We Back Up your Data, Format and Restore your Hard Drive, Reinstall and Configure Windows like new, Reinstall your Software and Data and Return the system to you promptly.

  • Back Up Data
  • Low Level Formatting (Restores HD Like New)
  • Restore Windows XP or Vista Systems
  • Restore Applications
  • Restore Data
  • Return PC To Customer Like New With Data Restored

Web Design - System Doctor Web Consulting

  • Flash Web Design or something simple, we can do it
  • Programming Services for your current website
  • On-line Database Programming


  • Microsoft Windows Servers 2003 -2008 - 2012

References available upon request.

The System Doctor

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